"Shudi & Broadwood harpsichord 1770" "Clavecin Ruckers 1646 - Taskin 1780" "Organo Colonial"


Claudio Di Veroli

organ, piano, fortepiano

Specialist in Baroque French and German music

Available for performance and teaching worldwide in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

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Professional career

Solo recitals, Soloist with orchestra, Chamber ensembles,
Continuo, Accompanist, Lecturer

              Harpsichord Repertoire (with ancient fingerings)

Complete solo works by J.S.Bach, Louis & François Couperin, Handel and Rameau.
Several works by D'Anglebert, Duphly, Forqueray, Haydn, D. Scarlatti, etc.
Soloist with ensemble: Bach concertos & sonatas, Rameau's Concerts and others.


Italian, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Claudio Di Veroli received his training from a distinguished group of European musicians: Ernst Epstein (piano and interpretation), Erwin Leuchter (harmony) and Ljerko Spiller (chamber music). Living in Europe in the early 70's he studied the harpsichord with Colin Tilney in London and Hubert Bédard in Paris. He was granted access and practised extensively on the antique keyboards in the Fenton House (London) and the Paris Conservatoire Musée Instrumental (now Musée de la Musique).

With a PhD in Statistics from Imperial College London, he went back to Buenos Aires, where he was founder member of the Telemann Chamber Group and pioneered the performance of Baroque music based on ancient practices. Having adopted early tuning systems, he has been the first harpsichordist to use Baroque fingerings throughout his public performances, as well as notes inégales for all the pieces in French style. Di Veroli has carried out extensive research in unequal temperaments, old fingerings and unequal temperaments, often applying advanced scientific and computer tools. His writings have been endorsed in writing by leading musicians and musicologists such as Gustav Leonhardt, Igor Kipnis, John Barnes, Patrizio Barbieri and others. They include four favourably-reviewed books (two on tuning and temperament, one on baroque keyboard technique and a recent one on baroque keyboard interpretation), two editions of harpsichord music with baroque fingerings, and 41 papers, many of them published, most recently in Harpsichord & fortepiano (UK).

Considered a leading harpsichordist and specialist in Baroque interpretation in South America, he has been Professor of Harpsichord and examiner of the Organ course at the Conservatorio Nacional in Buenos Aires. Recent teaching practices include short courses and masterclasses in Uruguay, Argentina, Italy and Ireland.

As a soloist—mostly on the harpsichord but also on the organ—Di Veroli has performed extensively in venues ranging from small to very large: concert halls, churches, radio and TV, both solo and with ensembles, with very favourable reviews in leading newspapers. His last public performance before leaving Argentina was the final recital of the 2000 season at the Baroque Organ in Buenos Aires Cathedral. In 2001 Di Veroli moved in Ireland, where he has been musical director of Bray Baroque. His most recent recitals have been on his French double-keyboard Hubbard harpsichord based on Taskin. Since 2014 he is also active in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy.


Contact Details

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Further information available

  • A CD—a selection of live recordings from public recitals—is available on request.
  • Please check main public performances, including links to YouTube movies, in the Recitals webpage.
  • You are welcome to read the LinkedIn profile, which includes a list or published papers.
  • Live recorded samples: 18 short passages - showing different technical and stylistic aspects of performance on the harpsichord - can be downloaded here: CDV Samples

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