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Claudio Di Veroli - harpsichord, organ, piano (tri-lingual English-Spanish-Italian)

                    Harpsichord Recorded Samples (tri-lingual English-Spanish-Italian)
                                        Technical details
                                        List of samples with temperament and registration
                                                            Audio samples: 18 files in WMA format

                                        Recital programmes
                                                            Links to the YouTube videos

                    Hubbard-Di Veroli harpsichord
                                        Mentoring under Hubert Bédard
                                        Building the harpsichord
                                        Use in public performances
                                                            Related pictures

                    Bray Baroque website map (this webpage)

YouTube Bray Baroque channel
                                        Bray Baroque videos 1971-1981

                    YouTube videos - playlist "harps1"
                                                            CDV - Harpsichord live recordings 1971-1981

                    YouTube videos - playlist "harps2"
                                                            CDV - Harpsichord live recordings 1985

                    YouTube videos - playlist "harps3"
                                                            CDV - Harpsichord live recordings 1988-1991

                    YouTube videos - playlist "organ1"
                                                            CDV - Organ live recordings 2010

Unequal Temperaments - eBook
                                        Titlepage and Abstract
                                        Contents list
                                        Unique features
                                        Why an eBook
                                        Published book reviews
                                        Excerpts (Preview)

                    Lulu - Unequal Temperaments
                                        Titlepage, Preview and Abstract

                    Unequal Temperaments - goodies
                                                            Errata in MS Word format
                                        Sound Examples
                                                            Audio examples: 27 files in WMA format
                                        Spreadsheets and Icons
                                                            Spreadsheets for Regular and Irregular Temperaments
                                                            Temperament icons for Windows
                                        Other works by C.D.V. on temperaments

                    Unequal Temperaments - review by Lehman
                                        The polemics and abridged conclusions
                                                            Links to the review and the published response
                                                            Unequal Temperaments Revisited: PDF file
                                        Temperament webpages contradicting themselves

Baroque Keyboard Fingerings - eBook
                                        Titlepage and Abstract
                                        Contents list
                                        Unique features
                                        Why an eBook
                                        Published book review
                                                            Errata in MS Word format

                    Lulu - Baroque Keyboard Fingerings
                                        Titlepage, Preview and Abstract

Playing the Baroque Harpsichord - eBook
                                        Titlepage and Abstract
                                        Contents list
                                        Unique features
                                        Why an eBook
                                        Readers' comments
                                                            Errata in MS Word format

                    Lulu - Playing the Baroque Harpsichord
                                        Titlepage, Preview and Abstract

                    30 Myths on the Baroque Harpsichord (bi-lingual English-Spanish)
                                        Myths on Harpsichords and their Actions
                                        Myths on Finger Mechanics, Articulation and Ornamentation
                                        Myths on Notes Inégales and Rhythmical Alterations
                                        Myths on Tempi for Harpsichord Pieces
                                        Myths on Harpsichord Voicing and Registration
                                        Myths on Repertoire Issues: Harpsichord vs Other Keyboards

Bray Baroque
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                    General courses
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                    News and Events
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                                        Short Courses
                                        Full-term Tuition subjects
                    Groups organisation
                    Library and instruments
                                        Musical instruments
                                        Musical scores, books and records

                                        Stereo, PCs and other tools
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